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With over 20 years’ experience, BPC Pest Control based in Hornchurch are one of the leading pest control companies within London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Middlesex.

We provide solutions to all your pest and vermin issues from wasps to rodents to cockroaches to foxes. Our services are available to both domestic and commercial clients.

Our objective is to maintain pest free conditions wherever possible using the most effective and up to date treatments and to deal with any infestation, if and when it may occur, swiftly and efficiently.



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What do You Have a Problem with?

We can help rid your property from a wide range of pests that could otherwise create huge issues. Our professionals will ensure that your pest infestation is dealt with quickly and efficiently.


There are different types of ants that may be causing you a problem, and they can pose huge problems including hygiene risks.


Nobody likes to see cockroaches scuttling around their property but this is a problem that has become all too common


When you have a rodent infestation, you face a variety of issues including damage to your home and possible health risks.

All Type Pests

We deal with a wide range of pests and can assist with their removal.


While there are no health risks associated with moths, an infestation can still become a nuisance. In addition, some moths can cause damage to materials such as clothing, furniture, and even carpets.


A bedbug infestation can cause huge issues and without proper elimination, the bugs can quickly spread to other areas of your home

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